Development How we learn At school the same.

The teacher should form the pupil.

Development of mind of the child in his hands.

Its duty and responsibility are really great! Before it there is an uncountable set of problems, as if a wall between the instructor and pupils.

For a start it is necessary to think up something to draw attention of children, to introduce in their consciousness that is considered necessary.

How to force pupils to remember a lesson It is necessary to master psychology, features of perception, mechanisms of formation and assignment of ideas.

Then gradually, very slowly to pass to more difficult matters.

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The relations

The relations Certainly, the campaign was group ~Tonian Period one confirmed the authoritative situation and the importance, Wad Dra ~gy actually passed a dedication ceremony.

Besides, the second purpose, so important for the girl ~ was reachedorganizer joint experience and fear overcomin the general ~ ny impressions, and then and memories of events considerably rallied allcompany.

The relations between children participating in a campaign on ~, became closer, friendly and careful.

And all this of a computer ~the niya gained special appeal to those children which were nottogether with them also dreamed now of how will go there next year.

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Something I provide to the child freedom and I observe his blossomin this eternal miracle.

Something similar occurs and to internal life of the kid.

We are so anxious it is necessary to build up character, to develop mind and feelings.

And we wonder how it becomes We aspire to get into soul of the child, we put to it a rigid framework and we remind those mothers who extended nouses and pressed ears of babies.

We hide our alarms behind similarity of success, and meanwhile the person already is born with character, mind and feelings.

If is not present we are powerless.

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It is natural, while

It is natural, while But the child could become a part of more developed culture possessing great works of art, scientific achievements.

In such environment his mind can be formed.

It is natural, while the consciousness of the child did not clear up yet, it is involved by fantastic ideas, but it is worth to remember that children our continuation, moreover, they can surpass us.

The smallest that we can make for them to give everythin than we have.

The version of imagination which is considered actually children's and allegedly creative only spontaneous work of children's mind helping kids to appropriate to simple subjects special qualities of those things of which they dream, but cannot receive.

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Plateaus And the last.

Why plateaus dresses your kid for itself how you speak, more or less cleans, and the toy is not present Probably, on them you also are accented.

Plateaus and other similar cleaning it is engaged in between times, in passin you asked it brought you thanked and switched attention.

And toys for you, probably, became principle business, it is small fight with continuation.

Disarm! It is time.

ABOUT WHAT WILL TELL THE DISORDERWe eternally quarrel with the son because of household chores.

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